Heritage® Premium Laminated Asphalt Shingles
  • 50-year Limited Warranty
  • 20-year Full Start
  • 5-year Limited Transferability
  • 10-year limited Algae Relief-Algae cleaning warranty*
  • 15-year limited warranty against damage from wind up to 130 mph**
Longer up-front protection underscores the strength.
Heritage® Premium Laminated Asphalt Shingles by TAMKO® have always provided years of striking beauty and excellent roofing protection. They also offer the longest up-front protection available. This is the critical period of time both shingles and the labor to install them are covered at 100% (labor does not include tear off, removal or disposal). See the  Limited Warranty  for details.
Compare and see  – the overall value of TAMKO’s Limited Warranty is clear
Beautiful. Lasting. Heritage
  • Shadowtone granule blend adds extra richness and depth
  • Random-cut sawtooth design prevents unsightly zipper patterns
  • Backed by a  50-Year Limited Warranty
Extensive color options help you create the right look
  • Classic Heritage colors are time-honored favorites that create a traditional look
  • America’s Natural Colors® add a contemporary flair with dramatic and vibrant hues
Reinforce the beauty with Heritage® construction
  • Heritage® Premium Shingles are constructed with double layers of fiberglass mat coated with weathering-grade asphalt and topped with ceramic mineral granules.
  • A self-sealing strip of asphalt completes the protection.
Additional features
  • Improves the look and value of your home without the high costs or liabilities associated with wood
  • Made with TAMKO®'s own fiberglass mat
  • Ideal for new construction or reroofing
  • 10-year Algae Relief-Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty* provides for cleaning of discoloration caused by certain algae growth
*Algae Cleaning Limited Warranty that provides for cleaning of discoloration caused by certain algae growth.
**When applied in accordance with TAMKO®'s  High Wind Application Instructions.